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Founder and Creative Director of the Diane Carlton fashion label, Stacey Weekes - Benjamin was born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago. Her design aesthetic is defined by Caribbean charm yet teems with global appeal. With a mission to deliver timeless designs to the doorsteps of customers worldwide, Diane Carlton creates an exclusive array of styles that are tastefully crafted from concept to creation. 

Described by Mrs. Benjamin as a "legacy brand", Diane Carlton was named after Stacey's two major fashion influences: her aunt Diane Stevenson - a former New York model now living in Florida and her deceased father, a Trinidad and Tobago born Calypso icon, Carlton 'Lord Blakie' Joseph. 

After eight (8) years of planning, creating prototypes and exploring feasible business models, Stacey finally took the leap when she accepted an invitation to officially launch the label on 1st June, 2018, in the city of Minneapolis in Minnesota USA.

Four (4) months later, on 11th October, 2018, the line made its European debut at the stately Fruchtalle in Kaiserslautern, Germany.

It was at the Kaiserslautern show that  Mrs. Benjamin first unveiled her collection of statement coats, much to the delight and approval of 'DC' customers worldwide.

With a style palette that is heavily influenced by Stacey's love for travel, paired with her passion for all things fashion, Diane Carlton is building a solid reputation for its ultra chic designs that are made with premium quality fabrics.

With fine style and exclusivity as the label's guiding principles, Diane Carlton has adopted a boutique type model which limits the production and availability of each design to a maximum of 10 SKUs worldwide.

“The Diane Carlton concept was surely inspired by grace. I find great joy in the process from idea to fruition. As a designer, I am committed to the delivery of a bold, contemporary yet classic-chic aesthetic that boasts a clear Caribbean vibe, causing our customers to fashionably stand out for all the right reasons.  Our prime objective is to keep our designs unique and exclusive, so that your choice to shop ‘DC’ - as we are affectionately called, would add extreme value to your aesthetic and to your profile, as we also make you feel beautiful down to your soul”   Stacey Weekes - Benjamin

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